Februar 10 "Seven Melodies for the Dail" Moscow Conservatory 
      May 9 "GeBeeth" Wiener Kammersymphonie erstKlassiK
      May 21 Beethoven Transcription Newbury Festival England 
      July 6 "Ode an Ludwig van" Hohenlohe Kultursommer
      July 11 "Das Knabenherz von Pyrmont" Chamber Opera Pyrmont
      July 27 "Road Movie" "Dancing With the Khan" Rhapsody Three  
      November 18 & 19 Epithaphium (Premiere) Graz Philharmonic, O.Lyniv


 AUSTRIAN MASTER CLASSES 5-11 April 2019 Schloss Zell an der Pram
AUSTRIAN MASTER CLASSES 23-29 August 2020 Schloss Zell an der Pram


Road Movie
Pietà - premiere / Pietà with the socre 
Sinfonietta at Gasteig Munich 
Les Fleurs du Mal / Les Fleurs du Mal in Moscow
Piano Trio - premiere in Moscow
Piano Trio at Mozarteum Salzburg


CONCERTO for accordion and string orchestra Commissioned by Jovica Ivanovic
EPITAPHIUM for orchestra
"GeBeeth" Homage to L.v.Beethoven on his 250th Anniversary (2020) for string quintet
ARIOSO DOLENTE and FUGA from the piano sonata op.110 by L.v.Beethoven for string quintet


LES FLEURS DU MAL "Disc of the Month"
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Süddeutsche Zeitung vom 4. November 2015
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Composer, conductor, pianist and teacher,
Vladimir Genin was born in Moscow in 1958 to
a family with ties to the arts.
His father, Mikhail Genin, was a musician and writer.
His grandfather, Iosif Shpinel, painter and  professor of the Institute of Cinema, contributed to more than 60 films as Mosfilm Studio’s art director, acknowledged masterworks of Russian cinema, including Sergei Eisenstein’s Ivan the Terrible and Alexander Nevsky, among them.

Genin graduated from Moscow Conservatory in the Composition class of Prof. Roman Ledenev and Piano class of Prof. Ilia Klyachko. Of great importance in the musician's development, more decisive, perhaps, than his Conservatory studies, was his friendship of many years with Georgy Sviridov, a pupil of Shostakovich and one of Russia's leading composers.

Among his compositions are symphonic and chamber works, performed in Russia, Europe and the United States, released on disc and published by several German publishing companies, notably Verlag Neue Musik Berlin, Sikorski Music Publishers Hamburg, Wolfgang G. Haas Classic Cologne, and Ries & Erler Berlin Jürgen Enninger Enter Media Publishing München.

In 1987 Genin composed The Plaint of Andrei Bogolubsky, Great Prince of Vladimir, a Mystery Play for Soloists and Chorus, commissioned by the Choral Music Theatre of the City of Vladimir. The Plaint had over 60 productions in Russia and was performed during the celebrations of the Millennium of the Christening of Russia as well as on Vladimir Chamber Choir’s concert tour of the United States. In 2012, in connection with the 900th anniversary of the birth of St Andrei Bogolyubsky, the work was again in the repertoire of the Chamber Choir.

The instrumentations of Mussorgsky’s Songs and Dances of Death and Sunless vocal cycles, commissioned from Genin by the Russian star-baritone Dmitry Hvorostovsky, were performed under the baton of Valery Gergiev in St. Petersburg (1993, Mariinsky Theatre Orchestra), and in Rotterdam and Brussels (1998, Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra).

The film The Cosmonaut's Letter (2002, Germany) with an original soundtrack by Genin recorded by the Budapest Symphony Orchestra enjoyed a successful release in Germany, was shown on television in Germany and Austria, and is available on DVD.  The many music pieces commissioned by Sonoton creative sound solutions Munich can be heard on many TV channels of Europe, the USA, Japan, South Africa, and Australia as documentary soundtracks.

In 2008 a CD of Genin’s In C est. 4/4: Four Chamber Compositions for Four Interpreters was published by RCD Prague.

In 2012 Olga Domnina recorded a CD of the piano cycle Seven Melodies for the Dial, written by Genin especially for this remarkable musician. The release, from the Dutch label Challenge Records, has met with considerable acclaim, receiving unprecedented top marks from the German classical music monthly Piano News for both the standard of performance and the quality of sound.

Vladimir Genin's new CD, a vocal cycle based on Charles Baudelaire's Les fleurs du mal, has been chosen "Disc of the Month" in January 2015 by the US classical music review MusicWeb.

The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians contains an article on Vladimir Genin, who now resides in Munich.

He occasionally orchestrates filmscores for the important German film composers.

He teaches piano, chamber music, composition, orchestration, and prepares young artists for competitions and studies at conservatories and universities. His students are prizewinners of national and international competitions. He regularly teaches at the Austrian Master Classes at the Schloss Zell an der Pram.

He is head of the music school Hallbergmoos near Munich and artistic director of the concert series erstKlassiK, which he founded in 2008.

The Menuhin Academy Soloists (Switzerland) with the star violinist Valeriy Sokolov, who premiered the violin concerto "Pieta", and other outstanding musicians took part in its 60th anniversary celebrations at the Munich Philharmonie Gasteig.    

Биография на русском языке в Википедии 


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      Februar 10 "Seven Melodies for the Dail" Moscow Conservatory 
      May 9 "GeBeeth" Wiener Kammersymphonie erstKlassiK
      May 21 Beethoven Transcription Newbury Festival England 
      July 6 "Ode an Ludwig van" Hohenlohe Kultursommer
      July 11 "Das Knabenherz von Pyrmont" Chamber Opera Pyrmont
      July 27 "Road Movie" "Dancing With the Khan" Rhapsody Three  
      November 18 & 19 Epithaphium (Premiere) Graz Philharmonic, O.Lyniv


      AUSTRIAN MASTER CLASSES 5-11 April 2019 Schloss Zell an der Pram
      AUSTRIAN MASTER CLASSES 23-29 August 2020 Schloss Zell an der Pram


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